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233 S. Wacker Drive
Suite 4400
Chicago, Ohio 60606
United States of America
Brandmuscle is a local marketing software company that enables brands to own the local decision point by empowering their network of local distributors, dealers, franchisees and salespeople with everything they need to deliver brand-approved marketing tactics customized to local needs, tastes and other relevant differences that can affect the sale.

Headquartered in Chicago, with offices in Cleveland, Austin and Los Angeles, Brandmuscle is the result of the recent unification of three local marketing software and service innovators: Centiv, with its unmatched print-on-demand POP and cross-media capabilities; TradeOne, with its industry-leading channel program management and co-op reimbursement offerings; and Brandmuscle, with its web-based user-friendly ad builder platform for customizing traditional and digital media, campaign execution tools and local media planning and buying services. This new local marketing company provides brands with unmatched local marketing experience and expertise to address some of the biggest challenges they face, including:

-Empowering local affiliates to capitalize on local opportunities and conditions with brand-compliant, customized messaging
-Dramatically improving the way co-op advertising performs and delivers in local markets by ensuring reimbursement requirements are met and co-op funds are accurately distributed
-Reducing the cost and inefficiencies related to versioning ad creative for local markets
-Controlling corporate brand identity across a growing number of sales channels

Brandmuscle is committed to empowering global and local marketers to build brand equity and ramp up sales at the point of decision. Through our culture of continuous improvement, Brandmuscle keeps brands ahead of a changing marketplace and ensures local marketing programs generate the greatest return on investment.


Visit our website: www.brandmuscle.com/
Brandmuscle | 233 S. Wacker Drive Suite 4400 Chicago, Ohio 60606 United States of America | 216x-464x-4342
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