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Critical Mix

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53 Riverside Ave.
Westport, Connecticut 06880
United States of America
Critical Mix
Critical Mix was founded with a vision to simplify the creation of insights using smart and easy technology and a team of passionate people.

Analyzing data and making tough business decisions is stressful enough. We believe that you should not have to worry about managing sample quotas, programming surveys and being able to find someone if you have a question or an urgent request.

Our mission was clear. Make it easy and enjoyable to access high-quality insights, whenever and however needed.

We eliminated the hassle by simply streamlining the process with easy-to-use, collaborative tools and hiring the best and brightest in the industry to care for our customers.

We are driven to do what’s right for our survey members, employees and clients at all times!

Survey respondents are a limited resource and the core of any successful research project. Our philosophy is that they should be respected at all times and treated like human beings. Engaged and satisfied members result in higher quality data and more valuable insights.

Every employee plays an important role in building the company for the future by discovering creative and innovative ways to do things. Everyone at Critical Mix is empowered to make the right decisions to best serve our clients, members and each other.

Our passion is for making things simple. We worry about sample sources, project quotas and data integrity so our customers can focus on their business. Our team is dedicated to providing the best customer service experience in the consumer insights industry.

Companies around the world rely on our smart and easy-to-use sample, survey and insights solutions to help them innovate and grow. That’s because we make it incredibly easy to:

Reach target audiences anywhere in the world.Program and host user-friendly, engaging surveys. Visualize data so you can make decisions faster.Contact your account team whenever you need them.We will always provide the best experience possible – to our customers, employees, 
Critical Mix
Visit our website: www.criticalmix.com
Critical Mix | 53 Riverside Ave. Westport, Connecticut 06880 United States of America | 203x-635x-0260
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