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Ground Floor Partners

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150 N. Michigan Avenue
Suite 2800
Chicago, Illinois 60601
United States of America
Ground Floor Partners

Small Business Consultants

We help small business owners design and execute sustainable growth strategies to take their business to the next level.

We provide a full range of qualitative market research and strategic marketing consulting services for emerging and middle market businesses throughout the United States. We also do market feasibility studies, marketing plans, business plans, and strategic planning. Clients typically hire us when they are thinking about launching a new product or service, expanding into new markets, or struggling with growth.

We understand the problems small business owners have to deal with every day. Budgets are tight, resources are limited, and a beautiful planning document isn’t worth much if the plan isn’t implemented. Building a successful, sustainable business is not just about planning. It’s also about execution. Common obstacles to growth are people, technology, and processes. We have experience with all three — getting the right people in place, while using the right technology to execute efficient and effective processes.

Visit our website: www.groundfloorpartners.com
Ground Floor Partners | 150 N. Michigan Avenue Suite 2800 Chicago, Illinois 60601 United States of America | 312x-726x-1981
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