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ASL Marketing

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2 Dubon Court
Farmingdale, New York 11735
United States of America
ASL Marketing

For over 40 years, ASL Marketing has been the nation’s premier provider of student marketing data, focused on the highly desirable 13-34 year old market. We started as a data list compiler back in 1972, offering postal mailing lists to our clients. Today, ASL Marketing continues to offer postal data as well as email, digital, social and mobile data to our clients across all industries. The direct marketing landscape has dramatically changed over the last 40 years and we’ve kept abreast of those changes to deliver the best-most responsive student marketing data.

Postal/DM Data

For over 40 years, ASL Marketing has been the nation’s premier provider of student marketing data, focused on the highly desirable 13-34 year old market. Our direct mail campaigns create awareness, drive traffic and boost sales for brands ranging from big box retail companies to local small businesses.

Email Data

Millennials on average spend 6 hours a day checking their email. With our email campaigns, your audience is reached immediately with real-time results. Additionally, email campaigns build awareness and increase customer loyalty. All of our email records receive a welcome message prior to any 3rd party offers or promotions. This gives our records the opportunity to opt-out and ensures we are connecting with the most responsive users.

Mobile Data

According to a recent study, 45% of Millennials spend 4 hours or more on their mobile browsers each weekday. With our mobile campaigns or data distribution to major DMP and DSP’s we can reach your targeted audience at any time, any place on their phones.

Cross Channel Integrated Marketing

Deliver seamless experiences with consistent messaging across our channels. Connect with your customers through digital, social, email and postal to maximize exposure and increase campaign performance. We provide a full suite of data targeted marketing solutions to reach students via multiple touchpoints throughout the consumer journey. One source for all your student data targeting needs!

Digital Data

Our un-modeled household level data is compiled directly from the source and is now available online! The data is enriched with the ability for further customization such as targeting by age, gender, income, ethnicity, grade level, major, and more. Marketers can leverage our 1st party data through their preferred digital platform or our full service advertising solution.

Social Data

Our digital data is expertly targeted to create optimal social medial campaigns, such as ads on Facebook or Instagram. We can enhance your existing social campaigns or help you get started on a brand new campaign. Utilizing our data for social media has never been easier! We empower you with custom targeted data lists that drive results.

Visit our website: aslmarketing.com/?utm_source=AMAvendorsearch&utm_medium=direct&utm_campaign=2016
ASL Marketing | 2 Dubon Court Farmingdale, New York 11735 United States of America | 516x-248x-6100
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