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Ace Fieldwork China Co., Ltd

Contact PersonJuliana Wang
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No.238 Zhong Shan Liu Road
9A07, Yuexiu xinduhui Building
Guangzhou, 510180
Ace Fieldwork China Co., Ltd

Ace Fieldwork is an independent company based in China with offices in Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou. ACE focuses on providing fieldwork and international fieldwork management for projects conducted in China and other countries of Asia.

  • Ace Fieldwork works with all business types from B2B market research to consumer research.
  • Our research network has covered 90& of main cities of China and other countries in Asia.
  • With a strict quality control system, high technical standards, professional and experienced staff, efficient services, cost savings and rich experience of cooperating with overseas agencies, Ace Fieldwork provides high quality services in over 12 countries and regions.
  • We have our own Online survey software and dedicated server. This online platform provides quick support, stable and fast visitor speed and results to the projects in Asia.
  • Ace Fieldwork is a produ member of the AMA


Download Ace Fieldwork's Company profile here.


Visit our website: www.acefw.com/
Ace Fieldwork China Co., Ltd | No.238 Zhong Shan Liu Road 9A07, Yuexiu xinduhui Building Guangzhou, 510180 China | 86x-20x-8109x-5100
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