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780 NW York Avenue
Suite 202
Bend, Oregon 97701
United States of America
Get close to your customers; observe their lives and achieve better insight. With the addition of Decipher's powerful software, FocusVision becomes the first company in the market research industry to offer comprehensive qualitative and quantitative technology solutions under one roof.

A suite of technologies for qualitative and quantitative research:

Decipher's survey and reporting software features an easy-to- navigate, user-friendly interface and a whole suite of custom survey tools for authoring and deploying professional online surveys.

A mobile and web platform for bulletin boards, mobile diaries and insight communities that enables researchers to understand the ground truth of customer experiences.

Focus groups and in-depth interviews live-streamed to your office or home from the world's largest network of facilities - across 58 countries. Our platform is over 99% reliable and meets the most stringent security standards in the world.

Live face-to-face discussions with consumers from their home or office. Recruit hard-to-reach respondents anywhere, any time. Each participant is equipped with a webcam, providing audiovisual contact.

Observe consumers throughout their homes by streaming live in-home immersions using our dynamic platform. Clients and agencies can interact with moderators and respondents and direct them to perform tasks.

Live-stream device usability research; observe participants interacting with your site or app on smartphones, tablets or gaming systems. Simultaneously view participants and their device screen, and direct them to perform tasks.

Our long-term, searchable, online archive solution with enhanced capabilities to allow comprehensive categorization of studies by type, method, content, deliverables, users and pre-defined project tags.
Visit our website: focusvision.com
FocusVision | 780 NW York Avenue Suite 202 Bend, Oregon 97701 United States of America | 415x-577x-8634
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