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Directions Research, Inc.

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401 East Court Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
United States of America
Directions Research, Inc.
Our Mission Statement

Directions Research, Inc. is a custom, quantitative marketing research firm wholly owned by senior research professionals.

Our mission is to form a long-term business partnership with our client through:
Superior Design
Unsurpassed Responsiveness

Experienced Professionals

At Directions Research, Inc., we take pride in providing unsurpassed responsiveness to our clients, and it's experience which enables us to deliver better and faster than anyone else. The entire team is empowered to design, execute and interpret research results with a speed and competence that makes our clients jobs easier. Most importantly, you will work with senior professionals as lead contacts and have access to our experience on a day-to-day basis. Our passion and energy has not only has inspired companies to want to work with us, it has inspired some of the very best minds in the industry to want to work for us. This is what sets us apart from anyone else.

Our Expertise

Directions supports all industry sectors but has concentration in packaged goods, restaurants, retail, financial services, technology, consumer health, and pharmaceuticals. The firm offers business-to-consumer and business-to-business services internationally, surveying consumers, professionals, restaurant employees, medical staff, and other difficult to reach audiences around the globe using a broad selection of data collection methods. Rather than invest in a panel management and data-collection infrastructure, DRI partners with industry leading experts who provide high quality data and information at competitive prices. This operating philosophy keeps them data agnostic in creating the best approach for their client s business or market research challenge.

DRI does not employ ?branded? products or ?black-box? solutions but we do have a unique mix of innovative and proven approaches that are completely customized to our client s research challenge. We help clients answer difficult questions everyday in all areas of their business.

New Product Development - Custom Built Solutions

When it comes to new product and marketing innovation, we believe in helping clients develop a process that works for them, and we have the experience to do it. From idea generation through to forecasting and tracking, we help clients during every part of the innovation stage-gate process.

Segmentation Approaches

We, at Directions, use a variety of approaches to analyze segmentation data based on the unique needs of our diverse client base. Each year we talk to thousands of consumers and customers about their occasions and needs to create robust segmentation landscapes for our clients. In the end, our focus is on helping our clients leverage the results to drive their business.

Client is King Business Philosophy

Our sole focus is meeting or exceeding the expectations of our clients. At Directions, we specialize in taking information and transforming it into motivating insights that become the inspiration behind every business decision. Our success comes from what you might expect - hard work. Hard work from a dedicated group of individuals committed to delivering the very best information out there...day in and day out. We have a fundamental belief that any effort which leads to the success of our business partners is good for the long term health of our business.

Visit our website: www.directionsresearch.com
Directions Research, Inc. | 401 East Court Street Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 United States of America | 513x-651x-2990
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