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Quinstreet, Inc.

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950 Tower Ln Metro Center Fl 6
Foster City, California 94404
United States of America
Quinstreet, Inc.

The Leader in Performance Marketing Products and Technologies

Our reputation is built on results after consistently delivering to our clients the right inquiries from qualified customer prospects at the right volumes. Thousands of industry-leading consumer and business brands have benefited from our qualified inquiries since 1999.

Today’s higher education marketplace faces many challenges, the least of which should be your school’s student acquisition efforts. Increased regulatory scrutiny, a highly competitive media landscape, and the continuing debate over how and where to spend one’s marketing budget have likely impacted your ability to find, engage, and enroll students. What’s more, the return on your investment has been challenged as more and more agencies, marketing firms, and tech companies have entered the higher education space, creating a smaller pool of qualified prospects and less transparency into how you acquired your most important asset: students.

In times like these, it’s important to find and work with well-established institutions – institutions who have not only weathered these storms, but who have built sound solutions on solid foundations. QuinStreet has specialized in performance-based higher education marketing products and technologies since 1999. Our unique approach to student acquisition has helped tens of millions of students find and form positive experiences with hundreds of schools and thousands of programs that best serve their goals and circumstances.

As the climate of regulatory oversight increases, QuinStreet continues to work with leading regulatory bodies (such as the Federal Trade Commission, the Department of Education, and the State’s Attorneys General), to ensure that student prospects experience non-invasive advertising without compromising strong conversion rates for our clients. In fact, QuinStreet was recently named, "Compliance Company of the Year” by Jornaya during the 2017 Journey Summit award ceremony. An accolade we are dedicated to continually pursue.

The Company's media management technology platform (the QuinStreet Media Platform or QMP) allows higher education clients to access high-intent digital traffic from any visitor device precisely, cost-effectively and at scale. This is the result of QuinStreet's unique proprietary technologies, and broad client and media footprints. QuinStreet segments, qualifies and matches visitors who are researching and comparing schools and programs in the wide spectrum of media channels with the right client at the right price, leveraging combined client demand to create unsurpassed media buying efficiency.

Schedule a walk-through of QMP today, and learn how it can:
  • Analyze specific attributes from end-to-end user experiences to improve spend and performance
  • Visualize complex data metrics into simple, easy to understand actionable business decisions for your school
  • Manage time-consuming tasks like uploading and optimizing creative, estimating lead revenue, and overseeing every aspect of every campaign

Maximize Your School’s Brand Presence in Unbranded Media Channels, and Save on Spending

It’s hard to imagine a time when your school’s brand won’t have a unique presence on traditional forms of media, such as television, radio, or print. While these channels are expensive to run campaigns in, they continue to reliably guarantee that prospective students across a wide demographic spectrum gain exposure to your school. But the ability to accurately monitor the effectiveness of your marketing spend in these channels simply can’t compete against the immensely measurable digital media landscape. Here, companies like QuinStreet are using time-tested technologies and data-driven approaches to deliver your brand to highly targeted prospects, at precisely the right time in their decision-making process.

Through the statistical analysis of over 20 years and $2 billion worth of campaign optimization conducted in service to national brands, QuinStreet has found that over two thirds of all high-intent users begin their "research & compare” process online in unbranded digital media – in channels like social, device contact (email, SMS, calls), or high-value SEM. For example, prospective students predominately visit networks where they can find and evaluate multiple schools and programs at once, versus going directly to multiple official school-branded websites.

As a result, it’s important to ensure that schools are represented in unbranded media while continuing their investment in traditional or branded media; if not to access the largest number of high-intent student prospects, then at least to gain insight into performance metrics. Click here to learn how unbranded advertising is on the rise, and how it’s becoming critical for schools to manage their brand in this media.

Partner with the Pioneer of Performance-based Marketing in Higher Education

QuinStreet pioneered large scale performance marketing on the Internet and has almost 20 years of experience in digital performance marketing. The Company's propriety data and insights are derived from extensive optimization within and across multiple verticals throughout its history. As a result, the Company's data, technologies and experienced personnel constitute key advantages for our partners.

A partnership with QuinStreet also means a transparent and fully adjustable marketing strategy for your school. We work hard to make sure all of our schools have a marketing plan that’s custom-tailored to their specific needs and budget. Using QMP, clients can choose what attributes they want in a prospective student to their school, as well as choose what media they want to be featured on, letting them finely hone in on highly-convertible traffic. This means our clients are able to scale and adjust their campaigns according to both their budget and their desired user-quality, allowing for a precisely balanced marketing strategy that is highly-effective and fully client-controlled.

QuinStreet is focused on optimizing your marketing spend to the most effective ends possible. We can attribute our longevity in the industry not only to our innovative technologies and unique marketing strategy, but also because we have been committed to sustaining lasting partnerships with the top schools in the country. Join our network of over 400 universities and colleges across the US and see what QuinStreet can do for your institution.

Visit our website: www.quinstreet.com
Quinstreet, Inc. | 950 Tower Ln Metro Center Fl 6 Foster City, California 94404 United States of America | 650x-578x-7700
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