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nFusion Group, LLC

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5000 Plaza on the Lake
Suite. 200
Austin, Texas 78746
United States of America
nFusion Group, LLC

nFusion is the Agency for Today’s Modern Marketer

We know that customers expect relevant, personalized content at each touch point, regardless of time of day, device or location. Our unique approach to understanding customer behavior and how to create holistic experiences that drive results has driven recent growth with new client engagements with companies such as Google, HERE and Sitecore. Our core agency services include: Strategic Planning and Insights, Experience Strategy and Design, Connections Planning and Media, Content and Creative, Technology Solutions, and the nFusion Accelerator.

Headquartered in Austin, TX, nFusion partners with some of the world’s most well-known brands including Samsung, SanDisk and Dell as well as select challenger brands ready to move to the next level. nFusion is proud to have been recognized by Ad Age as Small Agency of the Year in 2014 and winner of a Gold Effie in 2015.

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Solutions and Services

Planning and Insights

Great marketing always starts with the customer. Who is the target buyer? What are their key behaviors? What really motivates them? Our Planning and Insights services provide the research design and execution, persona development and customer decision journey maps that drive brand strategy, connections planning, content creation and experience design.

Connections Planning and Media

Appealing to today’s customer means reaching people on the right device at the right time with the right message. Our Connections Planning and Media services help brands deliver timely and relevant content when and where it has the most impact.

Content Planning and Creative

Content and experiences influence people and build brand preference. Our Content Planning and Creative teams produce compelling content, including big idea development, Web content, advertising and video. Our strategic approach enables us to create a cross-media content plan by design and not by default.

Experience Design and Technology Solutions

Insight driven and data-informed interactive experiences are the heart of any customer engagement or personalization platform. Our Experience Strategy and Technology Solutions team architect, design and develop web and mobile-first experiences that deliver on marketing objectives across key inflection points in the decision journey.

nFusion Accelerator

The nFusion Accelerator is a CMO advisory service that helps marketers quickly deliver on growth and transformation mandates. The practice is led by John Ellett, nFusion’s CEO and Founder, who brings strategic insights informed from over 30 years as a marketing leader and partner to the world’s top marketing change agents.

Visit our website: www.nfusion.com
nFusion Group, LLC | 5000 Plaza on the Lake Suite. 200 Austin, Texas 78746 United States of America | 512x-716x-7168
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