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Quality Solutions, Inc.

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P.O. Box 40147
Cleveland, Ohio 44140
United States of America
Quality Solutions, Inc.

Quality Solutions, Inc. provides a full range of management consulting and market research services for companies seeking a competitive advantage through improved customer satisfaction. Our services blend the Net Promoter Score system, offline and online survey tools, and our extensive business process improvement capabilities.  The result is a solution customized to meet your unique needs. 

Customer Satisfaction Surveys
The design, data collection, analysis and use of customer satisfaction surveys is not an academic exercise nor is it a simple task that must be done to please some standard; it is a management tool that is used to drive the bottom line. Depending on the industry, companies can experience a 20-45% churn rate, and understanding what drives client satisfaction and dissatisfaction can have a significant impact on the bottom line.
That’s where our customer experience surveys come in. We offer a suite of offline and online survey tools, assistance building effective survey questions, consulting to understand and act on survey results, and market research to assess the competition.
Depending on your unique needs, Quality Solutions uses a combination of online survey tools and their domestic call center to assess transactional and relationship-based customer loyalty.

Net Promoter Score Consulting
Our use of the Net Promoter Score® (NPS) system goes beyond the simple metric to ensure our clients understand the specific factors which turn clients into Promoters or Detractors. Additionally we provide the infrastructure, guidance and tools to help you develop the closed-loop system required to achieve and sustain higher levels of performance.
Our survey users have access to our powerful customer satisfaction measurement software. This robust software is customized for you so that it addresses your specific needs for branding, question and instrument design, escalation notices, reporting, analysis, and feedback. There are many survey software packages which claim to be simple and provide analysis. However, only Quality Solutions provides custom online survey tools supported by market research professionals to assure you get the most out of your customer feedback system.

Management Consulting
Many companies struggle to develop a coherent strategic plan, but our consultants can guide you along a path of identifying how to get past your present state to a higher level of business performance. We have helped companies tackle issues related to account management, growing and staffing the business, developing strategic partnerships, gaining a market advantage, and structuring information technology policies and procedures to drive customer experience.
Through tools such as the Balanced Scorecard, Customer Value Analysis and Employee Satisfaction Surveys, we help identify areas of weakness and provide actionable plans for growth and quality improvement. But we don’t just leave you with ideas. As true business partners, we stay with you through the full improvement cycle and provide tools to track the execution of the strategic action items coming out of your planning session.

   Quality Solutions, Inc.
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Visit our website: www.qualitysolutions.com
Quality Solutions, Inc. | P.O. Box 40147 Cleveland, Ohio 44140 United States of America | 800x-471x-1646
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