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Interaction Metrics

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Phone503x-205x-7003 Ext 701
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107 SE Washington
Suite 162
Portland, Oregon 97214
United States of America
Interaction Metrics

Know your gaps. Maximize insights. But first, you’ll need the right metrics.

With Interaction Metrics, you’ll have the one number you really need, the Quality of Customer Interaction™ Score. Only QCI™ takes into account multiple aspects of the customer experience and weights them by how important they are to different customers. Some of our other metrics include:

  • Competitive Edge
  • Customer Persuasion
  • Proactive Solutions
  • Interaction Brand Score

Find out which metrics will be most actionable for your company with a free MetricsLAB™.

Don’t settle for the usual flat ways of measuring the customer experience, because they’re not actionable and don’t show how to increase customer loyalty. With Interaction Metrics, you’ll know exactly what to improve, and how. We match methods and metrics to your goals for the most actionable insights. Dramatically boost the value of your customer surveys, experience planning, mystery shopping, customer service evaluations, and more. Start with your free, no obligation MetricsLAB™.

Visit our website: www.interactionMetrics.com
Interaction Metrics | 107 SE Washington Suite 162 Portland, Oregon 97214 United States of America | 503x-205x-7003 Ext 701
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