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MSR Group

Contact PersonJoni Williams
Phone402x-392x-0755 x118
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1121 N 102nd Ct, Suite 100
Omaha, Nebraska
United States of America
MSR Group

Providing Insights to Improve Your Business

The MSR Group provides companies with strategic insights, using a full range of qualitative and quantitative research to explore perceptions and identify opportunities. Our industry-leading customer satisfaction and advocacy measurement program, APECS®, helps companies improve customer experience and drive revenue. We also provide branding research, advertising and concept testing, feasibility studies and more. Quality in-house data collection through our 150-station CATI call center and our top-rated focus group facility. Independent research services with no outsourcing.


See how the APECS® system can increase customer satisfaction and drive revenue growth for your business. Capture timely, relevant feedback across multiple channels, then use these tools to improve results.

Visit our website: www.theMSRgroup.com
MSR Group | 1121 N 102nd Ct, Suite 100 Omaha, Nebraska United States of America | 402x-392x-0755 x118
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