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Market Probe

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2655 N. Mayfair Road
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53226
United States of America
Market Probe

Your Global Marketing Research Company

Market Probe specializes in technology enabled business solutions that deliver Voice of Market Feedback to improve business operations. Market Probe designs enterprise feedback systems by integrating our technology solutions to configure program deliverables around client requirements. Our Voice of Market approach includes the latest multi-channel customer experience management solutions, with a strong focus on feedback systems designed to the needs of front line managers and channel partners in Business to Business programs. Market Probe has 30 years of experience working with Fortune 500 clients, on both tactical and strategic initiatives to help them drive business growth, across our offices in the USA, Canada, UK, Belgium, Singapore and China.

Our research shows that good customer experiences elevate the value of the brand in a customer’s eyes, resulting in customers freely sharing their good experiences in social media and other personal channels. We have seen that this helps brands attract new customers, thus growing their business. To capture these combined benefits, Market Probe has defined a new construct - customer advocacy. Advocacy drives loyalty and customer growth, making it the most powerful metric for a business to monitor.

Every customer experiences a progression of stages in their product ownership: conversion, onboarding, compliance, expectations, disconnect and relationship. Loyalty and advocacy have to be earned by a brand by providing good experiences to customers across their product ownership. Market Probe offers six product solutions, covering the stages, which can be used by front line managers that are responsible for performance at each stage. Our products connect with their customers, helping them to improve the experience and build advocacy.

This is especially true in business to business relationships and high value customer segments. Often understanding and improving the performance of each ownership stage is ignored in favor of mass sampling, which understates critical feedback. Our product set delivers the feedback needed to improve every step of the customer journey.

Our comprehensive approach to business solutions includes capabilities such as data visualization, configurable dashboard modules, social media analytics, benchmarking, software based coding and text analytics. We harness these tools to deliver insights that reveal the impact of customer experiences on customer loyalty and advocacy, leading to business growth for our clients. Market Probe has particular expertise in helping clients migrate their programs from traditional tools to digital data collection platforms, with the appropriate calibrations that protect historical measurements. This helps our clients with enhanced response rates, customer engagement and cost savings. Our approach also delivers value by expanding the scope of our client’s market feedback programs to critical customer facing operations that may not have been completely covered using traditional data collection methods.

At Market Probe, our senior consulting staff can help design a suitable solution for your business. Contact info@marketprobe.com to have one of our senior consulting staff contact you to discuss your business needs.

Visit our website: www.marketprobe.com
Market Probe | 2655 N. Mayfair Road Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53226 United States of America | 414x-778x-6000
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