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For Momentum

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303 Perimeter Center North
Suite 300
Atlanta, Georgia 30346
United States of America
For Momentum

Non Profits | Companies | Agencies

We unite companies and brands with nonprofits in a way that benefits both organizations. Benefits include enhanced visibility, high-touch relationships with employees, customers and donors and significant social impact. Within our industry, this is referred to broadly as corporate social responsibility (CSR) or more concisely as cause marketing. At For Momentum, we call these carefully designed partnerships strategic cause alliances.

Our Services

When it comes to developing innovative cause marketing partnerships and CSR initiatives that strengthen businesses and enhance visibility and funding, no one works more flexibly and effectively than the cause marketing professionals at For Momentum. Whether we coach your employees or act as an extension of your staff, For Momentum helps create opportunities for long-term relationships that enhance existing programs and bring new ideas to life. Core service offerings include:

What Sets Us Apart

While many factors set For Momentum apart from other cause marketing firms, these are the top five unique selling points (USPs) mentioned most often by our clients and industry experts.

  • For Momentum is 100 percent focused on strategic cause alliances versus offering cause marketing as one service among many public relations, marketing and advertising options. 
  • For Momentum’s accomplished cause marketing consultants possess a deep understanding of national/local dynamics—both corporate HQ/franchise and national nonprofit/chapter affiliate relationships.
  • For Momentum maintains a hiring criterion that each staff member has experience in both nonprofit and corporate environments, which equips them to provide valuable "translator” skills. Experience on both sides of the table allows us to link shared values and mutual challenges cohesively and meaningfully, leading to strategic, integrated cause marketing programs that achieve nonprofit mission objectives while delivering marketing, sales and PR benefits to the corporation.
  • No other cause marketing agency offers For Momentum’s proven system of identifying partnership prospects, conducting partner outreach and negotiating corporate partnerships. We customize each strategy and cultivate each pipeline for the specific client or project. You won’t find cookie cutter plans, stale templates or impersonal outreach using the same tired list of prospects here.
  • For Momentum provides a fresh, outsider perspective to help clients realize strategic priorities and adds a depth of experience and actionable plans that enable agencies, companies and nonprofits to meet their goals more quickly and efficiently.

Right Business + Right Cause = Momentum

Visit our website: www.formomentum.com
For Momentum | 303 Perimeter Center North Suite 300 Atlanta, Georgia 30346 United States of America | 404x-249x-9662
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