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1835 Market Street
25th Floor
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103
United States of America

Naxion is a unique hybrid consultancy that integrates sophisticated market research methods with specialized industry expertise to guide important business decisions. We offer guidance in conceptualizing marketing problems, skill in devising research designs to solve them, and support in drawing strategic implications. Assignments focus on problems of tactical importance, organizational sensitivity and marketing challenge and address such issues as brand strategy, forecasting, market surveillance, segmentation, product development, pricing, positioning, customer insight and custom panels.

Naxion industry specialization enables us to offer counsel and implementation support on the basis of years of experience in key markets, including B-to-B, communications/technology/media, consumer products, energy, financial services, healthcare, IT and retail. We utilize a full portfolio of qualitative and quantitative techniques and are known for leadership in modeling and methodological innovation.

Visit our website: www.naxionthinking.com
NAXION | 1835 Market Street 25th Floor Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103 United States of America | 215x-496x-6800
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