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Research Edge, LLC

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1821 University Ave. W.
Suite N177
St. Paul, Minnesota 55104
United States of America
Research Edge, LLC
We start by listening to you, our client.

From project design to analysis, we listen.  Our staff of seasoned professionals will help you listen – to new markets, customers, potential or lost customers.  An in-house CATI phone center provides phone only or multi-mode phone and web surveys.  Our expertise in B2B, healthcare, pharma  and service industry research sharpens research design.  Our thorough analysis and professional customized reports turn data into knowledge -- the  data-driven knowledge you need to make decisions. We provide the following research methods and techniques:

Focus groups
In--depth one-on-one interviews
Phone surveys
Online surveys
Mail surveys

With virtually everything handled in-house under tight quality standards, you can be assured of high quality, accurate data and reporting. Put our expertise to work.

Visit our website: www.theresearchedge.com/contact.html
Research Edge, LLC | 1821 University Ave. W. Suite N177 St. Paul, Minnesota 55104 United States of America | 651x-644x-6006
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