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Borderless Access

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Borderless Access Panels Pvt Ltd Embassy Tech Village Varthur Hobli,
Bangalore, 560103
Borderless Access
Borderless Access specializes in providing online market research surveys & panels in emerging markets. We have over 1.8 million proprietary panelists in 22 countries & conduct over 2.3 millions surveys across all our markets annually.

We have also built over 50 custom online research & survey panels across numerous industry verticals – Health & Wellness, IT, Retail, Finance, Pharmaceuticals, Travel and Mobile. We have developed strong specialist panels in both B2B & various consumer niche groups such as IT and healthcare, while our global alliances let us reach over tens of millions more respondents across 65 countries.

Our Panel Quality
Responses to market research surveys are as effective as the quality of sample they are collected from. All our panels are unbiased and a true representation of the country’s population – census or online – depending on the feasibility in each market. We value your data security, privacy and confidentiality and are an ISO 27001:2013 certified company. Our quality checks run across the panelist lifecycle.

These are some of the checks we place while recruiting and managing our panels:
Quality measures in Panel Acquisition
  • Opt-in verification: All our panelists undergo triple opt-in verification
  • Multi-modal verification: Across email, mobile and social media profiles
  • Fraud protection: Our proprietary panel management tool - SmartSight - blocks any fraudulent respondents. On-going response monitoring helps us keep a check on all our panelists.
  • Affiliate verification: The affiliates & partners for recruitment are carefully selected and thoroughly reviewed for authenticity as well as the sources of inventory (web/mobile/social traffic).
  • Quality measures in Panel Management
Attractive & Easy to redeem incentives: Our incentives policy ensures that all respondents are properly rewarded for their participation.
Survey frequency controls: Limit the number of surveys sent out to each panelist.
Privacy policy: We never share personally identifiable information about our panelists.
Accessibility: We understand the limitations panelist’s face while answering surveys, our panel station mobile app makes it easy for survey takers to get notifications for their pending surveys and improve their experience with us.
For a more details on our panel quality measures, download our whitepaper

Online Opinion Panels
"Consumer insights" via online opinion panels from hard-to-reach markets is our area of expertise. We have over a decade's experience in building & maintaining online market research panels in emerging markets. This experience has given us a unique understanding of the cultural sensitivities, challenges and opportunities in each of these markets. We have adopted industry best practices to build a responsive, engaged & representative consumer community - our online panels. Insights from our high quality online proprietary panels help companies to plan their global business strategies more effectively.
Our Online Panels
Our online opinion panels are representative of 95% of the internet population in each of our markets. We conduct over 2.3 million interviews annually across geographies, audiences and consumer segments. Our online panels & partnerships help our clients reach more than 100 million consumers across 65 countries. We also provide specialized online panels for Healthcare, IT, Retail, Finance, Pharmaceuticals, Travel and Mobile Technology. We are active in 22 emerging markets - Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Mexico, New Zealand, Nigeria, the Philippines, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand Turkey & UAE. We will soon be launching our proprietary online panels in other LATAM markets.

USA: +1 818 358 4633 | UK: +44 771 840 3458 | Germany: +49 (0) 176 650 94033 | UAE: +97 150 137 3145

Visit our website: www.borderlessaccess.com
Borderless Access | Borderless Access Panels Pvt Ltd Embassy Tech Village Varthur Hobli,  Bangalore, 560103 India |
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