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2970 Clairmont Rd.
Suite 1030
Atlanta, NJ 30329
United States of America

Providing Supply Chain Solutions for Researchers and Audience Management Solutions for Publishers

Cint offers a new way to access opinions and manage audiences. We build solutions rooted in an open, transparent marketplace, OpinionHUB.

Who We Are

Cint is a global platform and technology firm dedicated to creating self-service solutions for online market research.

What We Do

We give sample buyers the tools to manage their studies more efficiently and panel owners the ability to monetize their audiences.

How We Work

Our solutions are built upon an exchange platform, OpinionHUB, where buyers and sellers of online sample meet.

Visit our website: www.cint.com/
Cint | 2970 Clairmont Rd. Suite 1030 Atlanta, NJ 30329 United States of America | 609x-759x-0790
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