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Maguire Associates, Inc.

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555 Virginia Road
Suite 201
Concord, Massachusetts 01742
United States of America
Maguire Associates, Inc.
About Maguire Associates

Maguire Associates is a research-based consulting firm serving educational institutions exclusively. For over 30 years, we have applied innovations in market research, analysis, and predictive modeling to help our clients:

     • Understand the dynamics of past performance;
     • Apply insightful knowledge to sound decision-making in the present; and
     • Attain future outcomes critical to the health and vitality of their institutions.

Our team has helped advance enrollment management, institutional marketing, competitive positioning and branding, and strategic planning in education – nationally and abroad – through a range of services. As researchers, we help clients develop a deeper understanding of the values, priorities, and perceptions of important constituent groups by conducting in-depth survey research. As consultants, we use sophisticated modeling and forecasting to convert data into knowledge that informs client decision-making and best practices in administration, management, marketing, and communications.

Whether working to tackle a crisis or framing a proactive strategy, we have a strong record of helping clients to achieve positive outcomes. This – along with our collegiality, commitment, and cost effectiveness – accounts for the number of clients who have partnered with us repeatedly over the years.


Our Tools

Predictive Modeling: EMFASYS®
Your institutional aid dollars can help you attract the students you most want to enroll. Do you have strategic systems in place to optimize the use and effectiveness of those dollars? If you think that your awarding strategies could use a boost, an update, or a complete revamping, consider our highly-customized and sophisticated predictive modeling service, EMFASYS®. Work closely with our team of experienced analysts to set your enrollment goals and create an effective financial aid and scholarship awarding strategy to help you shape your incoming class.

Market Research
Do you really know what students think of your institution, or what employers think of your graduates? Are you aware of your institutional brand’s strength and weaknesses? Our market research services can provide you with insights you need to help drive institutional strategy. Whether focus groups, one-on-one interviews, survey research, yield enhancement studies, or any of our other research offerings, we’d like to help you understand your market and institution, what your constituents think of you, and most importantly, how to use those insights to inform decision-making.

Student Recruitment Optimization: EMPOWR™
Attracting students can be a time intensive and expensive process, especially if you’re targeting students who are unlikely to enroll. Do you have targeting strategies in place so you can set your focus on those students who fit your enrollment needs and have the greatest likelihood of enrolling? Our student recruitment optimization system, EMPOWR™, can help you develop informed targeting strategies to make sure you are getting the most of your time and money— all while improving your recruitment tactics. It’s a win-win-win scenario.

Focused Marketing: EMCIT™
Is your institution staying competitive in an era of unprecedented financial pressures and demographic shifts? Trying to grasp the latest trends at your own institution can be challenging enough, not to mention the overwhelming task of measuring the pulse of the market as a whole. Your institution’s ability to discern the direction and rate of market change is critical for making the best decisions about institutional strategy. Our competitive marketing intelligence tool, EMCIT™, uncovers new markets, assesses competitive challenges and opportunities, and matches new market opportunities to your recruiting goals. Our team of experts will work with you to uncover new markets and provide sound feedback and counsel on current and future competitive trends.

Price Sensitivity Forecasting Analysis
Has your institution thought about how its price affects enrollment—or does it simply set a price each year and hope for the best? Our Price Sensitivity Forecasting Analysis will help you determine if your tuition and fees are set appropriately to optimize your market position and net tuition revenue. Our team can work with you to predict the effects that a tuition increase or decrease may have on your enrollment and, ultimately, help you make informed pricing decisions with confidence.

How well do you understand your competitive landscape? Do you really know your brand relative to what the market is offering? Are you aware of your institution’s strongest—and weakest—elements, and how to maximize—and improve—their value? Our assessments paint comprehensive, in-depth, and objective situational pictures and offer insights that are often difficult for those who are deeply involved in the work on a daily basis to see. We specialize in marketing and communications, competitive and best practice, and operational assessments, though, ultimately this process is about you, which is why each assessment will be customized to address your unique challenges and questions.

Learn more about how our team of experienced consultants, researchers, and analysts can address your challenges. 

What our clients say
"In my twenty years of trying to balance net revenue, enrollment projections, profile goals and access issues, this is the first time I have felt like we truly have control of the process. We all have goals that seem to be at cross-purposes. EMFASYS gives us the ability to use actual dollar amounts when explaining the cost of reaching each of these goals. This insight is critical in helping our institution prioritize and move forward.” - Bellarmine_small

Visit our website: www.maguireassoc.com
Maguire Associates, Inc. | 555 Virginia Road Suite 201 Concord, Massachusetts 01742 United States of America | 978x-371x-1775
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