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EurekaFacts LLC

Contact PersonJorge Restrepo
Phone240x-403x-4800 EXT 201
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51 Monroe Street, PE-10
Rockville, Maryland 20850
United States of America
EurekaFacts LLC

EurekaFacts is a full service marketing research firm with a full suite of facilities for focus group, IDI and usability testing. Strengths in branding, message testing, research methods, advanced analytics, content analysis, multilingual studies, national rapid qualitative, quantitative studies and human factors research. IRB; ISO 20252 compliant; FISMA Information Security audited.

Service Areas

Visit our website: www.eurekafacts.com
EurekaFacts LLC | 51 Monroe Street, PE-10 Rockville, Maryland 20850 United States of America | 240x-403x-4800 EXT 201
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