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Issues & Answers Network, Inc.

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5151 Bonney Rd.
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462
United States of America
Issues & Answers Network, Inc.
Issues & Answers Network, Inc. is an integrated global marketing research company with corporate headquarters in Virginia Beach, VA and several other locations throughout the United States.

Our international network of reliable alliance partners extends our research capabilities to Africa, Asia, Central America, South America, Europe, Eastern Europe, the Pacific Rim, the Middle East, and Scandinavia.

Scalable research services include:


(400 CATI stations across five call centers located in the United States; new services such as web-based research, Instant
Consumer Evaluation (ICE) and Interactive Voice Response; three on-staff moderators; in-person interviews; direct mail)


(Responsive account executives who guide you through every step of the research process)

(Multivariate, trade off, factor, conjoint, and discrete choice; Risk Reduction Research to assist retailers and manufacturers in pre-selecting styles, designs and products that have a greater likelihood of success)


(Recommendations to guide strategic marketing decisions based on actionable research findings) Snapshot of industries include: Agriculture, alcoholic beverages, consumer durables, beauty, health, and pharmaceuticals, IT/telecommunications, financial services, food and beverages, hospitality, and lifestyle products.

We understand your research needs are unique. This is why we offer scalable research services, allowing clients to select the most appropriate methodology for their needs. Our comprehensive in-house data collection portfolio includes cutting-edge quantitative, qualitative, and hybrid methodologies, each with its own advantages. We will work together with you to identify the research methodology or service that best meets the research objectives, resources, geographies, and timelines.

Issues & Answers
Visit our website: www.issans.com
Issues & Answers Network, Inc. | 5151 Bonney Rd. Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462 United States of America | 757x-456x-1100
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