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Geo Strategy Partners

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7840 Roswell Road
Bldg. 300, Suite 350
Atlanta, Georgia 30350
United States of America
Geo Strategy Partners

Geo Strategy Partners is an industrial and b2b focused market research and strategy consulting firm. We provide market research and competitive analysis services that support strategic positioning and go-to-market strategies. We excel at difficult custom qualitative and quantitative research requiring access to senior decision makers and high-level strategic analysis. Our capabilities include sophisticated analytics for quantitative studies and insightful strategic analysis for qualitative research.

Techniques include executive interviews, competitor interviews, focus groups, voice of the customer, customer satisfaction and loyalty, online surveys, quantitative analytics, intensive secondary research and international fieldwork in 52 countries worldwide. Services support market opportunity studies, customer satisfaction, market segmentation, product development, new market entry, concept testing, brand equity, marketing strategy, strategic planning, international expansion, & mergers and acquisitions. We also offer full-service strategy consulting and specialize in go-to-market strategies.

Typical assignments for Geo Strategy Partners include:
  • Voice of the customer/customer satisfaction: understanding the articulated and unarticulated needs of customers, lost customers, and potential customers.
  • Brand analysis: assessing brand awareness, measuring dimensions of brand equity, analyzing the brands strengths and weaknesses against competitive brands.
  • Market opportunity studies: determining best markets for best products. Includes assessing the addressable, viable, and winnable market demand; analyzing the competitive environment; and recommending strategic alternatives for success.
  • Competitive intelligence: conducting a 360 degree evaluation of competitors including an analysis of competitors' strategies and strengths and vulnerabilities.
  • Channel mapping: determining the best path to market including an overall assessment of distribution channels and sales and marketing alternatives.
  • Market segmentation: developing a focused strategy for key market segments.
  • Strategic positioning: comprehensive alignment between the competitive offerings and the market opportunities: the often overlooked ultimate source of competitive advantage.
  • Developing compelling value propositions: based on a determination of key customer decision-drivers (both articulated and unarticulated), creating a value-proposition that allows a company to focus on creating value that differentiates the clients offering from the competition and ultimately drives preference.
  • Go-to-market strategy: a comprehensive approach encompassing all of the above into a coherent marketing strategy including the cost of entry, points of differentiation, and drivers that create brand preference.
  • Mergers, acquisitions, sales, and divestitures: building on our core competencies of strategic market analysis, strategic positioning, and facilitation, we help clients achieve competitive market position through the execution of strategic mergers and acquisition.
Geo Strategy Partners is the firm you should choose when:
  • It is difficult to find information that specifically addresses your market
  • The target respondent is difficult to identify and you need help developing a list
  • Respondents are difficult to access and are likely senior executives
  • You desire a firm that understands industrial markets and B2B research
  • You would be more comfortable if a senior consultant was conducting interviews
  • The project is multi-national or global
  • The project requires critical strategic analysis
  • You need a firm that can deliver exceptional insights; not just gather research
  • Competitive intelligence is key
  • The project requires sophisticated analytics
  • You need strategy development as well as research
  • You need a research partner with worldwide field capabilities

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Geo Strategy Partners | 7840 Roswell Road Bldg. 300, Suite 350 Atlanta, Georgia 30350 United States of America | 770x-650x-8495
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