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Isurus Market Research & Consulting

Contact PersonJoe Radwich, Vice President
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1500 District Ave.
Burlington, MA 01803
United States of America
Isurus Market Research & Consulting

Isurus is a boutique B2B research firm that delivers insights and intelligence to clients in technology, commercial and industrial sectors.

We help clients

Understand their markets

Needs analysis
Decision process
Customer journey/personas

Explore opportunities

Market sizing
Product/service development
Pricing decisions
Acquisition evaluation

Evaluate competitors

Market profiling
Competitive intelligence
Win/Loss analysis

Manage their brand & marcom

Brand positioning
Messaging/Value proposition development
Campaign tracking

Improve the customer experience


Our experience

We’ve conducted over 500 engagements with B2B clients in enterprise and SMB markets across diverse sectors.

Our research toolbox

We match the research approach to the needs and limitations associated with each engagement. Our toolbox includes surveys, in-depth interviews, focus groups, secondary/desk research, social listening, etc.

We deliver Data, analysis and reporting clients can be confident in when making decisions and presenting to stakeholders

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Visit our website: www.isurusmrc.com
Isurus Market Research & Consulting | 1500 District Ave.  Burlington, MA 01803 United States of America | 617x-844x-1344
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