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Isobar Marketing Intelligence

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One South Station
Suite 300
Boston, MA 02110
United States of America
Isobar Marketing Intelligence

Ideas Without Limits

About Us.

We are Isobar Marketing Intelligence —a Practice area of Isobar, a first-in-class global digital marketing agency. We are recognized for our segmentation and emotional testing approaches; we operate as a full-service marketing consulting and research firm. Our mission is to help brands fully understand their consumers in ways never before possible. We do this by bringing together emotional, behavioral and cognitive sciences which, when combined with the creative talents of our Agency, generate profound insights and inspire unique strategies and solutions.

What We Do

Isobar Marketing Intelligence identifies, develops, and helps implement data-driven and transformational brand, product, and marketing strategies. In each service area we integrate qualitative insights with quantitative data.

Visit our website: isobarmarketingintelligence.com/
Isobar Marketing Intelligence | One South Station Suite 300 Boston, MA 02110 United States of America | 617x-449x-4490
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