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Irwin P. Sharpe & Associates

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208 Lenox Avenue, Suite 337
Westfield, New Jersey 07090
United States of America
Irwin P. Sharpe & Associates

"Serving clients in commercial, manufacturing, services and financial organizations, professional, trade and industry associations, advertising and PR agencies, universities and government organizations for more than 30 years. Providing marketing consulting and market research for commercial, industrial, business and high technology products and services for markets covering: Electrical and electronics, instruments and controls, computers, peripherals, software, office equipment, telecommunications, building and construction, heating and air conditioning, energy, power generation and distribution, metals, chemicals, plastics, machinery, automotive and transportation, appliances, publishing, financial and information services, consumer products. 

Projects include: market and product planning, marketing research, market expansion, customer satisfaction and corporate image studies, acquisitions, strategic planning, new product and business evaluations."

What we do

Business and Marketing Research and Analysis to cover the intelligence considered necessary to support strategic decisions, including:

  • Market size, trend, location...
  • Customer needs, desires, attitudes...
  • Competitive situation...
  • Distribution channels; marketing methods...
  • Investment and returns...
  • Suitability to company objectives...

Product Planning to identify performance and features of new or improved products or services that will conform to customer needs and desires, be competitive and lead.

Searches and Evaluations for:

  • New products or acquisitions.
  • New markets for present products.

Expansion of Existing Markets

  • Customer attitude, company and product image assessments to support company efforts to improve market share.
  • Sales and distribution planning.
  • Improving communication--customers, dealers, servicers, salesmen...

Commercial Developmentā€” From product development to market developmentā€¦


Visit our website: www.sharpeassociates.com
Irwin P. Sharpe & Associates | 208 Lenox Avenue, Suite 337 Westfield, New Jersey 07090 United States of America | 973x-731x-7800
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