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Higher Power Marketing

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P.O. Box 71250
Phoenix, Arizona 85050
United States of America
Higher Power Marketing

Per Inquiry Advertising Agency

Our passion at Higher Power Marketing (HPM) is helping our clients and media partners do more with less effort!

For our advertising clients this means helping make their businesses go and grow; for our media partners it means helping them generate cash for their left-over time and/or space - stuff they haven't been able to sell, and will otherwise take a loss on.

We've seen the gaps in the marketplace and work hard at being a trusted steward, a company that puts the needs of its clients and media partners first - pairing them up, for everyone's mutual benefit!

Our passion leads us to always be asking "how can we do this better?" The answers have produced technological breakthroughs that we've shared with the industry, just to help everyone improve the work they do, and include numericalizing URL's for flawless online tracking of off-line advertising campaigns, roadblock technology that improves the quality of mobile-media driven inbound calls by up to 97%, and a completely automated ordering system that insures 99.99999% accuracy of both advertising media and the reporting that supports our media distribution.

If you're not an HPM client, but want more qualified calls delivered into your sales funnel, we can help you.

If you're a media company with unsold time/space that you'd like to convert into cash, we can deliver!

Here are some helpful resources in getting to know us better:

If you'd like to know our take on what's going on the DR or Pay Per Call world, Visit our BLOG

Visit us on our YouTube Channel

Visit our website: www.hpowermarketing.com
Higher Power Marketing | P.O. Box 71250 Phoenix, Arizona 85050 United States of America | 480x-584x-3535
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