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Fieldwork Inc

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111 E. Wacker Dr.
Suite 220
Chicago, Illinois 60601
United States of America
Fieldwork Inc

Marketing research services, focus groups, quality respondents

Fieldwork has been partnering with market research experts for over 30 years. Over the years we have become more than just a group of facilities. We have expanded and adapted our services to provide the utmost flexibility to our clients so they can focus on the research.

Fieldwork Facilities
Fieldwork has 16 well-appointed focus group facilities across the country. Each facility is designed for style and comfort, but we know its the recruiting that matters most. Our facilities boast expansive, fresh databases and experienced recruiting teams.

Multi-city Project Management
The project management experts at the Fieldwork Network can turn your multi-city projects from headache to handled, with one point of contact for everything from bidding to invoice.

Network International
The Network has partnerships with research suppliers all over the world and a special international staff ready to cover any time zone.

Fieldwork Anywhere
Need to do groups in Smallville, USA where there is no facility? With our Anywhere tools and team, we can make any large room into a fully equipped focus group facility including recording equipment, hosting, even snacks and critters in the observation area.

Fieldwork Webwork
Let Fieldwork Webwork show you the advantages of our virtual facility. Particularly useful for bringing together far-flung respondents, Webwork is backed by dedicated support staff and Fieldwork-quality recruiting. Webwork can also help expand your research repertoire with discussion boards and online surveys.

Do the research. Let Fieldwork do the rest.

Visit our website: www.fieldwork.com
Fieldwork Inc | 111 E. Wacker Dr. Suite 220 Chicago, Illinois 60601 United States of America | 800x-TOFx-IELD
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