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ABACO Marketing Research Brazil

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São Paulo Marketing Center
Av. Paulista 1499 13th fl
São Paulo,
ABACO Marketing Research Brazil
Since 1975 ABACO offers unique services throughout LatAm for custom B2B/B2C/Pharma studies and superlative QL/QT fieldwork. An independent full-service firm strategically based in Sao Paulo, ABACO is led by leading expat research experts who fulfill the "17 NEEDS FOR INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH". Excelent FGI/IDI and Gang Survey / Audience Testing facility near top hotels on Avenida Paulista, business heart of Brazil. 

ABACO offers you a unique set of benefits and services.


TECHNOLOGY: the most advanced international techniques, adapted and combined with those created and perfected for four decades in LatAm.

UNPARALLED EXPERIENCE: ABACO’s directors have extensive experience in Marketing and Advertising and the Client’s point of view, so their work always maximizes cost-effectiveness.  They enrich data interpretations with marketing insights to ensure clear and actionable recommendations in every project.

RELIABILITY: The work is fully integrated, ensuring quality, speed and security

ABACO has experts across Qualitative and Quantitative methodology to study products and services in both B2B and B2C markets. With "full-service in-house," ABACO controls all steps 100%. Applies control standards equal to those of New York, London and Tokyo.

Visit our website: www.AbacoResearch.com
ABACO Marketing Research Brazil | São Paulo Marketing Center Av. Paulista 1499 13th fl São Paulo,  Brazil | 55x-11x-3262x-3300
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