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Marketing Workshop

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3725 Davinci Ct
Norcross, Georgia
United States of America
Marketing Workshop
Marketing Workshop leverages wisdom and imagination while incorporating advanced analytics. As a result, we enlighten our clients with researchWISE business solutions. We draw upon our WISDOM of over forty years and 10,000 research projects to determine the best in class business solutions. Through IMAGINATION we can be innovative in the way we approach business issues with methods that go beyond proving a hypothesis. We incorporate customized Marketing SCIENCE solutions that result in the most advantageous ways to address underlying business needs based on advanced analytic techniques. The end result is ENLIGHTENMENT, providing wholly integrated research solutions that give our clients competitive advantages and direction on the future market for their products and services.

Custom-designed research among CPG, restaurant/food service, pharma/health care, travel/ tourism, financial services, litigation research among B2B and B2C segments. Multi-mode interviewing, on-line reporting/dashboards, social media, panel management, focus group facilities and a state-of-the-art commercial test kitchen.
Visit our website: www.mwshop.com
Marketing Workshop | 3725 Davinci Ct Norcross, Georgia United States of America | 770x-449x-6767
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