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Wolf Group

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10860 Kenwood Road
Ohio 45242
United States of America
Wolf Group

The Wolf Group, your go-to partner for product innovation and all things sensory - from new product inspiration, optimization and development to in-market quality assurance - quantitative and qualitative research across the globe.

Our newly expanded 22,000 sq. ft facility includes:

  • Leading edge innovation and ideation tools
  • Industrial and consumer kitchens
  • Full test bathrooms with ventilation
  • Test panel rooms
  • Focus group rooms
  • Meeting space for 50+
  • On-line data collection
  • Descriptive analyses
  • Discrimination testing
  • Temporal studies
  • Product development and optimization
  • Claims development and substantiation
  • Training and education in sensory
  • Design thinking and product innovation
Visit our website: www.wolfgrp.com
Wolf Group | 10860 Kenwood Road Ohio 45242 United States of America | 513x-891x-9100
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