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600 Vine Street
Suite 2020
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
Ascribe provides actionable CX insights, processing hundreds of millions of verbatim comments annually for elite corporate and research brands across 57 countries, enabling them to efficiently and effectively make informed decisions that lead to relevant product development, exceptional customer journeys, and increased productivity. We have served the world’s top research firms for nearly two decades, driving continuous, disruptive innovation via multiple proprietary technologies and outsourced coding, translation and transcription services.

Ascribe Inspector automatically imports unstructured and structured feedback from any source (surveys, social media, call centers, spreadsheets) to get actionable insights fast via Natural Language Processing (NLP) data mining, sentiment and text analytics, and data visualization.

Ascribe Illustrator is an interactive research tool that transforms multiple sources of data (often in multiple languages) into an array of images in real time, from simple charts to detailed reports, as well as comprehensive dashboards.

Ascribe Coder delivers a web-based, semi-automated coding management system that is flexible, powerful and universal.

Ascribe Accelerator mimics the precision of manual coding at a rate of tens of thousands of open-ended comments per hour, using a powerful combination of non-rules based NLP and machine learning.

Ascribe Solutions provides rapid manual coding and classification of massive amounts of verbatim data, in many languages, with accurate results.


877-241- 9112 x55
Visit our website: goascribe.com
Ascribe | 600 Vine Street Suite 2020 Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 USA | 877x-241x-9112 x55
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