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Resonance China

Contact PersonRand Ha
Phone+86 21 5200 4078
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457 Jumen Road
Unit 301
Shanghal, 200023
Resonance China

China Digital, Social Media Consultancy

Created in 2009, Resonance is a China digital, social media agency focused on luxury and lifestyle brands. We take aholistic approach to connecting with China’s netizens. Our services include in-depth consumer research, digitalstrategy, community management, influencer outreach, digital campaigns, analytics and online sentiment management.

Research & Market Entry

For brands entering the China market; we conduct qualitative, cultural and category research, including identifyingtarget audiences and how to strategically position brands in the local China context. Services include:

  1. China Naming – Chinese brand and product names
  2. Category Insight – competitor benchmarking, category mapping
  3. Consumer Research – qualitative, ethnography, consumer films
  4. Client Immersion – activities to help understand the China reality

Digital Strategy & Community Management

From market and consumer insights come digital and social strategy. We look at strategy that covers developing thebrand over the entire year, integrating campaigns, popular influencers, with engaging content designed to connect withour clients target Chinese consumers. From strategy we then go forward to execute each campaign and manage ourclients social assets on a day to day basis, building ever stronger and loyaler communities on China social media.

Visit our website: resonancechina.com/?utm_source=AMA_Directory&utm_medium=Links&utm_campaign=AMA_Directory
Resonance China | 457 Jumen Road Unit 301 Shanghal, 200023 PRC | +86 21 5200 4078
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