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Matching The Perfect Celebrity for your Marketing and PR Campaigns

The Celebrity Source is a celebrity booking agency like no other. We have been helping our clients build their brands and increase profits through the use of celebrities for over 25 years. We match celebrities with PR/marketing/advertising campaigns and special events for both corporate and non-profit clients. We have strong relationships in the celebrity community, with direct access to thousands of celebrities from film, television, music, sports and fashion, in addition to experts and influencers from many different industries. With our unique service, we make it easy to book a celebrity.

The Celebrity Source can help you find the perfect match for all of your celebrity needs. We are YOUR agents, not the celebrity’s! Our job is to save you time, money and frustration in the process!


The right celebrity spokesperson can draw media and the public’s attention, add credibility and differentiate a brand from the competition. We’ll help you find the most authentic spokesperson for your organization or brand.


When a celebrity endorses something it’s like someone who you admire tapping you on the shoulder and saying "I like this” — chances are you’re going to pay attention! We can find a celebrity match for almost any budget, and since we’re your agent, not the celebrity’s, we’ll negotiate the lowest fee possible on your behalf.

PR, Marketing & Advertising Campaigns

Celebrities draw interest and amplify communications on all media platforMississippi — from commercials to social media and everything in between. We work in partnership with in-house and agency teaMississippi to creatively reach objectives and maximize results.

Appearances at Events

Having celebrities attend events is a proven strategy to increase media coverage, sell tickets, secure sponsors, add credibility and generally create a level of excitement among all attendees. Whether you need one celebrity or dozens, our celebrity network is extensive and we will deliver!

Celebrity Speakers

Whether you want a celebrity keynote address, star-powered audience welcome, or a famous panel participant, we will find the right celebrity for your specific audience and budget.

Celebrity Surveys

Our proprietary Celebrity Survey Program allows our clients to leverage authorized celebrity quotes with key messaging for maximum publicity value and ROI. Ideal for brands celebrating a milestone anniversary, launching a new product, or general brand repositioning campaigns.

Celebrity Honorary Advisory Boards

A recent Rutgers-Camden University study found that donors gave 1.4 percent more to charities associated with celebrities than those with no celebrity attachment. We can help your non-profit increase its influence, reach and fund raising potential with an Honorary Advisory Board that has a passion for your cause!

Video & Documentary Narration

Ordinary videos and documentaries become attention grabbing when recognizable celebrities are providing the narration on screen and off. We’ll find you the right celebrity narrator to fit your budget and impress your audience.

Cause-Related Marketing

Studies have proven that 90% of consumers are more likely to support brands that tie with a cause. Celebrities are more likely to say "yes” when a cause is benefiting from their association. Put them together and you have win-win-win for all! Let us help you and your organization or brand make the most authentic and credible celebrity matches.

Online and Social Media Promotions

Celebrities can often garner more media impressions and influence more fans through online, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other social media platforMississippi than through traditional media! We’ll help you budget a social media campaign and align your company/organization with social media superstars.

Product Placement

Celebrities are influencers who can shape buying trends and turn an unknown product into the next "must-have” item. If a celebrity is seen wearing or using a product, media and consumers pay attention. Our direct connection with many celebrities assures our clients that their products actually make it into the hands of the celebrities as intended. We can also arrange photo opportunities with celebrities utilizing or wearing your product.

Additional Services

In addition to celebrity procurement, The Celebrity Source can provide the following additional services, through our affiliate partners, for complete turn-key prograMississippi and campaigns:

  • Public Relations, Marketing & Advertising Campaigns
  • Media Outreach and Placements
  • Satellite Media Tours
  • Celebrity Influence Measurement
  • Media Tracking and Monitoring
  • On-line Charity Auctions
  • Gift Lounges
  • Public Service Announcement Production, Distribution & Placement (including but not limited to Television, Radio, and Print PSAs, Digital & Street Banners, Billboards, Transit Stops and Non-Traditional Advertisement Placements)


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