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We're not just Translators...we are WORDSMITHS! Certified in Translation Standards CGSB-131.10 & ISO17100. Translations.CA is a small GIANT! ...small and personal enough to ensure language continuity, short communications channels, fast feedback and short production cycles. ...large enough to meet your needs with a team of passionate, experienced, professional in-house translators and project managers. We have established a reputation for quality work, great knowledge of Canadian and International markets and the timely delivery of projects to our corporate clients. Specialists in Quebecois/French Canadian.


Since 1990 in FRENCH only inc. & in SPANISH too!'s mission has been to develop a sound working partnership with our clients to facilitate professional communications for their various language markets. We view our work on our client's behalf as an opportunity to promote their products and services professionally.

We specialize in a SELECT NUMBER of language combinations so we can provide you with the QUALITY required in today's business communications. Our division in SPANISH too! opened in 1993. And today, we also provide translation services in Italian, Portuguese and German. Many other language combinations are available using our extensive network of specialized translators and agencies upon request.

Our project managers have built a reputation for excellent service by working with our clients and helping them to manage the process and challenges of translating copy from one language to another.

All our translators, revisors, proofreaders and quality control personnel are qualified professionals who have met our stringent requirements and each has a complete mastery of their source and target languages in their various areas of expertise. Many translators also have additional related qualifications and experience in their chosen specializations. Our senior translation team consists of professional translators many whom we have been working with over the past sixteen years.


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