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Since 2001, we've been committed to providing the mosteffective employee survey tools to organizations of all sizes and types. Wewant our clients to get the best value for the investment they make surveyingtheir employees.

How did it all begin?

In 2000 I was approached by a long-term client of GrayInsight and asked to review an employee engagement survey that had beenconducted for them by a large very well-known research firm. The problem wasthat very little had been learned from what was nothing more than a twelvequestion "bullet-point" (not to mention very expensive) survey. Afterlooking around for an alternative, and not finding much else, I saw the chanceto create a better approach. This led to the birth of InsightlinkCommunications and our 4CS model of employee engagement.

Since then, we've grown in size every year and haveestablished strong relationships with many different HR managers in hundreds ofdiverse organizations large and small. It's been very encouraging to see howtheir employee satisfaction scores have improved steadily over the years and tosee them put their results into action. We'd like to be able to do the same foryou. Giving organizations the knowledge they need to create effective change iswhat we stand for.

4Cs Employee Surveys

What We Can Do For You

From an employee's onboarding experience through to the timethey depart, our tools and analysis can help you get your arMississippi around theemployee engagement challenge. Our goal is to make it easy for you with ouracclaimed employee survey methodologies and reports.

With all of our survey tools, we use our expertise to makethings easy for you while still getting you the critical information you needto make the right decisions. 

Since 2001, we've helped thousands of organizations of allsizes design and conduct employee surveys, 360 multi-rater surveys, employeeexit surveys, new hire onboarding surveys and other research tools to makegetting HR insight less of a chore.


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What Makes us Different?

We are unique in examining all aspects of the employeeexperience through the "4Cs model" - Commitment, Culture,Communications and Compensation. And we can do it at all stages of youremployees' tenure with your company.

What value we provide 

  • No-hassle, worry-free survey execution. We handle thetechnical stuff.
  • Unsurpassed strategic analysis. We tell you what it allmeans.
  • Reports you can understand. We don't just give you raw data.
  • Results you can use to boost employee engagement. We meanit!


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