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We specialize in custom postcard magnets,save the date announcements, and other quality-made, printed iteMississippi that helpour client's message stand out and make an impact. 

We're a division of Corporate Signatures, Inc., and we'vebeen designing, printing and delivering our clients' messages for 20 years. Ourclients range from healthcare to finance, corporate to academic to non-profit,big and small. 

We provide the neatest invention in marketing: postcardmagnet mailers. That is, a custom printed magnet attached to a jumbo-sized,laminated, full-color postcard. We address each postcard based on a targetedmailing list, and drop the cards at the post office.

Within a week, the cards are received, and the magnets areattached to refrigerators and file cabinets throughout the community, orthroughout the country. If you need a way to tell people about your webaddress, this is it. 


What makes us different? Well, we think it's two things:first, we focus on developing unusual, but effective iteMississippi that others wouldrather not produce. And second, we invest ourselves in every order like it wasour only order. We want you to be amazed by the product we produce and the marketingresults you achieve.

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Postcard Magnets
It's a magnet attached to a postcard using easy peel glue and mailed to a list you provide. our most popular item.
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Foldup Magnet Mailers
We print a large postcard, fold it in half, and attach a magnet inside. With a huge printing surface you'll maximize your message.
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Stuckup Magnet Mailers
With a magnet permananetly affixed to the back, the whole postcard becomes your magnetic billboard.
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Tap our mail marketing experts to learn more about how yourorganization can craft and execute a postcard magnet campaign that's right foryou.

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700 Perry Hill Rd
Coventry, Rhode Island 2816
United States of America

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