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Our highly skilled marketing research professionals are first and foremost business experts who provide insightful, clear answers to your most complex and often confounding questions. Our proprietary research approaches yield provocative insights and create effective pathways to your next level of in-market success. Let our passionate commitment to you, to your customers, and to innovative research excellence assure you that you’re moving in the right direction.

Who We Are

MAi Research is a full-service strategic marketing research firm that leverages sophisticated analytic tools and customized research approaches to turn complex business questions into viable, profitable opportunities. We uncover the story behind the numbers and tell it clearly and concisely, enabling our clients to optimize their marketing prograMississippi and ensure product success.

The connection needed to win in this environment must be built on four Pillars:


Our Advanced Text Analytics uncover the deeper meaning behind the words to reveal the concepts consumers are thinking and saying, how these concepts connect to one another and which of them might be most meaningful in driving brand connection - especially when applied to Digital Listening sources such as social media, company content, and the Internet more broadly.


Utilizing the most advanced Bayesian Modeling techniques, we determine how product/benefit-based purchase drivers link with specific emotions, personal connection elements, and occasions/need states to form a fully integrated brand and messaging strategy that lifts a brand above its competition and breaks the commoditization cycle.


However, the better that custom-tailored message is, the harder it gets to properly deliver that message to the right people because the elements that define those targets in the segmentation are not included in media targeting databases.


By properly utilizing Bayesian Network techniques and lookalike modeling our clients can create and activate marketing prograMississippi that will achieve their vision and lead consumers to say "THAT'S MY BRAND!"


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