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What is truly "market research” these days? Online communities? Online Panels? Big Data? There is so much information available now, from everywhere. How can any company filter through it all in this lifetime? Where should you focus?

At MarketVibes, we take pride in guiding our clients to truly make sense of the various waves of market insights! That matter to them. Period!

We specialize in connecting our clients to the vibes resonating in their markets – connecting internal strategy and ideas to market interests and needs. It’s more than collecting market information; it’s connecting to the possibilities of where an idea, concept, product or service can truly create enthusiasm, passion and a real connection.

Market research was our beginning! So we believe in the value of market research. We also guide business–to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) companies to expand their thinking and challenge their strategies, understand new and viable target markets and guide the development or enhancement of products and services to exceed market expectations.

We design and execute CUSTOM market research for your market insight discovery. And we are as passionate about the areas that market research insights support – branding, marketing communications, strategy, planning and development. We guide large and small companies to overcome business and marketing challenges we all face, daily.

See how MarketVibes can support your success!

why marketvibes?

We believe that understanding your market is a very important endeavor and no two needs are the same.

Here are just a few of the reasons choosing MarketVibes would be a WIN-WIN partnership!

  • Our goal is to be a TRUSTED ADVISOR to our clients … we’d love to be a trusted advisor to YOUR company! We are truly an extension of our clients, not simply a supplier.
  • We take great pride to learn our client’s industry – customer language, distribution channels, target markets, products, services, competitors, among other important nuances critical to your business.
  • Like larger research firMississippi, MarketVibes is fully capable of embarking on most research endeavors and incorporating innovative design methodologies & techniques for your needs.
  • We are knowledgeable; yet objective enough to ask challenging questions to encourage our clients to think truly beyond the box.
  • We are flexible and nimble to undertake your market challenges. No bureaucracy or red tape, which saves valuable time. Let’s move!
  • We thrive on identifying solutions to maximize your marketing or research dollars and time efficiencies – such as developing and managing custom panels for ongoing engagement.
  • We are cost-competitive & will find a way to fulfill your market information needs with your ROI bottom-line in mind.
  • Our clients often refer to us as trusted friends … a trustworthy and value-added partner they can rely on!


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