OnwardClick, Inc


We are an online advertising network that connects advertisers to the exact audience they want to reach, when users are most engaged. We call it ‘the right person, on the right device, at the right time, with the right content. 

With over two decades’ experience in digital advertising, we know what it takes to make a campaign work. As a matter of fact, we are so confident about our technology, know-how and the quality of our traffic that we invite advertisers to test it risk-free. What best way to put advertisers at ease than to provide some traffic to test at no risk.

We deliver conversions through many types: Search, display, video, contextual, native, social, installs and email. We provide this through our Own and Operated web properties, as well as through partnerships with top publishers that have been tested and verified to ensure a completely safe brand experience for our advertisers. 

Advertisers can then select the traffic they want and get audience building traffic (so called PV/TOS) and POP that are both bot-free or get Premium/Conversion traffic designed to deliver sales and leads.  Both traffic types are scored and filtered.

With Account Managers in the US and Europe, we are able to monitor our traffic 24/7 and provide round-the-clock support to all of our advertising and publishing partners, no matter where they are based.

We have incorporated into our network the most advanced BOT detection and protection tools available in the industry. This includes solutions like ForensiqAIS and Double Validate, as well as a number of filters and validation tools including clicks per IP limits, CAPTCHA and much more.

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4100 Redwood Road, Suite 10-176
California 94619
United States of America

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