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Ramius is an award winning developer of online community systeMississippi and enterprise social networking platforMississippi. Our history of innovative software development and extensive experience of online communities bring a unique and fresh perspective to marketing research.

Recollective is an online research platform for developing insights communities and conducting qualitative research studies. Powerful and flexible, Recollective Professional is developed in collaboration with the world's most innovative researchers to meet their sophisticated and advancing requirements. Studies are structured around guided activities and discussion foruMississippi, all delivered inside an innovative, community-based platform that contains all the tools you need to quickly build and moderate even complex discussion guides online.

1. Recruiting and onboarding tools make it easy to bring participants into the research community.

2. Research design and execution tools include activities and discussion foruMississippi using rich-text, photo uploads, polls, file uploads, video or webcam responses, image markup and annotation with overall ratings and marker pins, card sorting with group and ranking and more.

3. Community and moderation tools ensure all responses support open comments by other participants, private probes from researchers or hidden backroom comments that are shared only between the research team and client.

4. Analysis and reporting tools include word clouds, filterable summary streaMississippi, charts and data tables at every level.

5. Incentives and rewards functionality gamify the community with customizable points, levels and leaderboards.

Recollective's industry-leading responsive design ensures it works perfectly on any mobile, tablet or desktop device without the loss of functionality. There is no app to install and individuals can switch between devices as often as they wish while participating in a study.

So whether you work in a research or advertising agency, in-house for a brand or just need to uncover some insight for your business, Recollective makes online research a simple and rewarding experience.


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