RSG - Resource Systems Group, Inc.


We get it. Making optimal product and pricing decisions in the context of continuous competitive pressures, quick product development cycles, and a myriad of strategic options can feel paralyzing.
RSG provides robust, resilient consumer insights that enable confident decision-making when faced with rapidly evolving and competitive environments. We leverage 30+ years of experience as a pioneer in custom choice modeling and quality data collection to achieve the following for our clients:
  • Relevant, advantageous, and/or differentiated consumer offerings
  • Streamlined portfolios
  • Improved margins, penetration, and revenue potential
  • Stronger retailer partnerships
Within each engagement, we collaborate with our client partners to custom design the most appropriate research approach, conduct a rigorous analysis, and provide clear recommendations that are thoughtfully linked to the challenge at hand. RSG’s flexible process minimizes the need for frustrating, costly, and unproven re-tests due to evolving [uncertain] market conditions.
Our consultants seamlessly integrate technical choice modeling and quantitative research expertise with business experience. The complexities associated with observed consumer behaviors are then transformed into actionable, data-driven insights. These insights allow RSG to identify and optimize the critical product and pricing elements that shape the roadmap for success.
If you’re uncertain how to optimize your product or pricing strategies, frustrated by inefficient re-tests, or if you have not realized your desired business impact, RSG can help. Let’s schedule a conversation to discuss your unique challenges.


55 Railroad Row
White River Junction, Vermont
United States of America

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