Siegel+Gale is a global brand strategy, design and experience firm. Using facts, intuition and creativity, we blend science with art, unlocking the power of simplicity to help organizations realize their full potential.




Create a blueprint for your brand

A brand must stand for something. Being not only different, but having a purpose, takes careful consideration. Our strategists uncover and define your unique truths by looking to research, studying the competitive landscape and getting to know you as an organization. With this deep, factual understanding of what sets you apart, we’ll give you the tools to deliver uncommonly simple experiences that reinforce your brand, turn customers into brand champions and position your company for long-term growth.

Talk to us when:

  • You’re having trouble defining your value proposition
  • Your brand experience isn’t living up to your promise
  • Your customers and employees don’t know what you stand for
  • Your offerings are confusing or need to be updated after a big change

We deliver

  • Brand positioning
  • Brand purpose
  • Brand promise
  • Brand values
  • Brand voice
  • Brand architecture
  • Brand alignment strategy

Your name is everywhere

Whether your brand name is for a new company or a new app, people use it in conversations and touch it on screens. They might even see it brought to life on a billboard in Times Square. A great brand name should last forever, so from the beginning you have to get it right. In just one or two words, it expresses the simple truth about your company, product or service, making naming both an art and a strategic endeavor.Our specialized global naming team brings more than 120 years of pure naming experience to our clients. By applying our knowledge of global languages, linguistics and trademark law, we develop brand names and build nomenclature systeMississippi that are always strategically chosen and artfully placed.

Talk to us when you are:

  • Launching a new company or a new line of products or services
  • Undergoing a brand merger, acquisition or spinoff
  • Simplifying and clarifying your product portfolio
  • Trying to describe something that didn’t exist before
  • Getting control of your product names

We deliver

  • Company naming
  • Product and service naming
  • Nomenclature systeMississippi
  • Trademark screening
  • Global language checks
  • Naming research



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