A.C. Nielsen Center for Marketing Research


The Premier Marketing Research MBA

There is no better foundation for marketing action than marketing research. The A.C. Nielsen Center for Marketing Research offers the premier full-time MBA program with a specialization in marketing research.The center was established in 1990 and is built on the legacy and funding of the Arthur C. Nielsen Jr. family, pioneers in the field of marketing research. It was created to train MBA students in the specialized ideas, issues, and techniques of marketing research, as well as to help discover and disseminate new marketing research knowledge.

People come to marketing research in many ways. Some study marketing as undergraduates. Some have degrees in fields such as psychology and sociology. Others have strong quantitative backgrounds in economics or statistics. The common thread: a passion for understanding why people make the decisions they do.


975 University Ave
3427 Grainger Hall
Wisconsin 53706
United States of America

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