A to Z Communications


A moving journey.

At 25, A to Z is always in motion.

You know the type. Like the determined entrepreneur you'd find working nearly 24/7 in an office in his home. By the way, the year we're talking about was 1986. That one-man show was Alan Boarts. And the home was a gracious, Victorian-era row house on Pittsburgh's Mexican War Streets.

Within several months Alan's business was on fast-forward. Fortune 500 corporations, cultural, technology, educational, health care and professional services clients began turning to A to Z Communications to bring their companies' benefits to life, and Alan and his newly hired crew checked in to the tenth floor of the Bank Tower.

Image result for a to z communicationsWhen space grew tight again by 1993, the ever-expanding A to Z team found new offices on the second floor of the former horse stables at 100 Ross Street. But, in just five years, even that barn-like structure didn't suffice (not quite enough wall space for the awards).

With a strong belief in Pittsburgh and its continued transformation, Alan took a chance on the city's reclaimed 10th Street and Penn Avenue vicinity. He moved A to Z to the expansive ninth floor of 960 Penn Avenue in 1998, within walking distance of many local clients.

Here, the team celebrated the fundamentals of the historic structure, interweaving old with offbeat, and sending energy through the space in form and color.

As Alan had hoped, A to Z is now smack in the midst of the vibrant urban gathering place known as Pittsburgh's Cultural District  and firmly established as a premier marketplace of ideas. Embraced by venues for art and opera, dance and drama, A to Z continues to stretch boundaries and deliver the clever strategies that help to put our clients on center-stage.


960 Penn Avenue
Ninth Floor
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15222
United States of America

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