OVER 25 Years of Innovative Research

Advanis Inc. is a full service market research firm that provides expert, innovative analysis that helps companies address business critical issues in practical, actionable ways. Using a research based approach to marketing consulting, our group of dedicated experts carefully craft studies that are representative of the real world, are of the highest quality, and deliver actionable results that help our clients with their business objectives.

Our three areas of research leadership focus on:

  1. Market Structure and Positioning
  2. Product and Pricing
  3. Customer Experience

With a combination of statistical modelling, advanced data collection services, and in house reporting technology, we transform results into meaningful insight.

Sector Expertise

  • We work in a wide range of sectors, solving a variety of tough business and social research problems
  • The verticals we work in often share a common set of research problems, allowing for the cross-pollination of ideas and techniques
  • We embed our sector knowledge and insights into all phases of a research project—not just the final report

Research Services

  • We have been active partners with clients who introduce profound change to their industry or sector (e.g., online brokerage, digital photography, VoIP, healthcare) and have been required to develop new approaches to new challenges
  • We invest in innovation, advancing both the theory and application of market and social research techniques to remain ‘state of the art’
  • We tailor every approach to meet specific engagement objectives - no two research engagements are the same

Data Collection

  • We have developed proprietary systems for all aspects of field; from survey design, to sample and quota management, to field interviews and transcription
  • We can collect data over the phone, online, in person, and via mobile. Online surveys in all languages and telephone surveys available in 14+ languages
  • We employ high quality staff: our telephone interviewers average 2+ years tenure, our transcription team is trained to journalistic standards


10123 99th Street
Suite 200
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 3H1

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