Founded in 1999, Ascribe helps the world’s largest market research firms, corporate researchers and customer experience professionals make confident decisions based on rich, real-time insights using a world-leading verbatim analytics platform. Ascribe’s comprehensive and flexible SaaS-based technologies use Natural Language Processing (NLP) data mining as well as sentiment and text analytics to enable accurate and fast analysis of verbatim comments regardless of channel or language.

Resources for Market Research Firms and Customer Experience Insight Professionals:

Ascribe Coder delivers a web-based, semi-automated verbatim comment coding management system that is flexible, powerful and universal.

Ascribe CX Inspector with X-Score is a customizable and feature-rich text analytics tool that uncovers insights from verbatim comments with ease, X-Score provides a customer satisfaction score and identifies the key drivers to increase satisfaction and loyalty.

Ascribe CX Snapshot provides actionable insights by automatically analyzing and interpreting themes and opinions from verbatim comments.

Ascribe Illustrator is an interactive research tool that transforms multiple sources of data into an array of images in real time, from simple charts to detailed reports, as well as comprehensive dashboards.

Ascribe Services provides rapid manual coding and classification of massive amounts of verbatim comments, in many languages, with accurate results.

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