For over 20 years, Ascribe has been helping the world’s largest market research firms, corporate researchers and customer experience professionals categorize and analyze verbatim comments quickly and easily using our world-leading verbatim analytics platform. Powered by the most advanced AI, machine learning and NLP, our industry-leading solutions can help deliver your business goals. Ascribe’s outstanding Customer Support and Training team helps ensure clients are leveraging the solutions to meet their business needs.

Solutions for Market Research Firms and Insight Professionals:

Ascribe Coder - web-based, semi-automated verbatim comment coding management system which helps classify and analyze verbatim comments with improved speed and accuracy. Coder also offers an automated code book builder, AI Coder.

Ascribe CX Inspector with X-Score - innovative text analytics software which analyzes thousands of verbatim comments in minutes, gleaning insights from data quickly, cost effectively and with fewer resources. X-Score provides a customer satisfaction score directly from verbatim responses and identifies the key drivers to increase satisfaction and loyalty.

Ascribe Services - global team of experts who offer comprehensive and customized full-service coding, translation and text analysis, delivering projects “first-time right” with high accuracy within project timelines. Our new AI Classification Service will categorize your verbatim comments in 24 hours.  

Ascribe Illustrator - interactive data visualization tool that transforms structured and unstructured data into virtually any visual display helping convey complex insights through powerful images.

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