Privacy for the People

Bring data trust and data transparency to your customers with easy, intuitive, and proactive privacy management.

Privacy On-Demand

  • Get simple, intuitive, and scalable data privacy – no IT needed
  • Connect to the apps you use most and seamlessly integrate with your SaaS stack
  • Give your customers the privacy they deserve: with an intuitive portal to manage consent, preferences, and more
  • Simplify privacy compliance for a delightful customer experience
What you see What your customer sees
  • Intuitive dashboard to track, manage, and fulfill privacy requests
  • Pre-defined templates and workflow customizations to validate, assign, review, approve, and update requests
  • Reports by request type and user profiles
  • Intuitive portal to easily manage preferences, consent, and data rights
  • Frictionless identity validation process
  • Automatic email updates with the ability to check their request status at any time
Admin Tour Customer Tour
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