Business challenges are human challenges, and humans are complicated.
Brandtrust is a research and strategy firm that utilizes applied social and behavioral sciences to solve complex business challenges. Our methodologies are designed to unlock the nonconscious needs and desires of customers, providing insight-driven strategic direction for brand development, innovation, customer experience and behavior design.
We promise to change the way you think.
We’ve seen how human truth can inspire businesses to create solutions and provide opportunities for people to live better lives in a better world.
People often make mistakes in their thinking, creating a Say/Do Gap that leads executives to create products and services designed for the wrong problem, messages that do not motivate, experiences that fail to deliver and employees that never fully engage with the brand’s purpose.
To address these complex challenges, Brandtrust leverages methodologies, rooted in applied social and behavioral sciences, to unlock the non-conscious needs and desires of customers. We apply our Truth, Clarity, Action Framework to deliver a clear strategic blueprint for brand, innovation and customer experience team.
More than fifteen years ago we set out to change a harsh reality—scarcely anyone could explain why one brand succeeds when another does not. Why is it people are irrationally drawn to Nike and not Reebok?
Along the way we realized our most successful work for leading brands was inevitably rooted in deep human insights. And we discovered human truth could profoundly change our beliefs and culture.
We discovered human persuasion and behavior are driven by emotions. Brands are about feelings not facts. And good marketing was really about psychology all along.
But the truth is hidden in the human mind, we are not fully aware of why we do what we do. The truth is we cannot rely on the voice of the customer and algorithMississippi don’t reveal the whys of human behavior. We had to change the way we think about how people think.
We’re marketers but we’ve become committed social scientists who leverage methodologies, rooted in applied social and behavioral sciences, to unlock the nonconscious needs and desires of customers. That’s because we’ve proven human truth can solve complex business challenges and change everything. Is it time to change the way you think about your customers and your business?


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