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Civicom is the global leader in facilitating web IDIs and focus groups worldwide. Our suite of services include an online bulletin board solution, a mobile insights app for mobile qualitative research, mobile ethnography, and mobile or website usability testing; we also provide respondent recruitment, translation and transcription services, and an intuitive online platform for audio and video content curation and management. Civicom operates in over 96 countries and offers extensive translation services for marketing researchers, as well as transcription services through TranscriptionWing™, and market research respondent recruiting through CiviSelect™. Civicom Marketing Research Services and Schlesinger Group have now joined together in a Strategic Alliance to mutually serve the needs of clients needing web-enabled IDIs and focus groups combined with high quality recruiting services. All of these services are available in Spanish, as well as English, and multiple other languages.

CyberFacility® IDIs and Focus Groups

We maintain a strong industry presence in facilitating virtual in-depth interviews (IDIs), focus groups and studies worldwide using advanced audio and web technology, through Civicom CyberFacility®.

Chatterbox® Online Community Platform

The Civicom Chatterbox® Online Research Platform provides a complete suite of tools to help you execute fast, flexible and effective asynchronous online studies of most any size and duration. Analytics tools enable you to generate detailed reports to expedite data interpretation.

Thoughtlight® Mobile Insights App

Civicom ThoughtLight™ is a mobile qualitative tool for collecting richer in-the-moment insights, offering geolocation plus offline accessibility for places where there is no data connection. ThoughtLight™ works with both iOS and Android and is a useful tool for shopper insights, audio diaries and patient journeys.

Front Row™ Mobile Ethnography

Civicom Front Row™ is a mobile internet-driven research solution that allows live, two-way, remote interviews using a smartphone or tablet. Engage in a two-way observational conversation with respondents while you view their activity through your computer. Invite observes to watch and listen to what takes place while you conduct the interview.

See Me Navigate™ Web and Mobile Content Usability

Civicom See Me Navigate™ is a qualitative solution for mobile website and app usability testing. See Me Navigate™ effectively enables researchers to see and talk with individuals virtually, while simultaneously observing the individual’s mobile device screen on the viewer’s computer. These studies can be conducted online almost anywhere in the world.

CiviSelect™ Recruiting

Leverage Civicom's multi-regional strengths and capabilities as a global provider to get the most value out of your studies in getting relevant insights from the right participants. Civicom offers industry and technical expertise as well as a broad understanding of local customs in many markets, resulting in an effective recruitment process available through CiviSelect. Civicom Marketing Research Services and Schlesinger Group have joined together in a Strategic Alliance to mutually serve the needs of clients needing web-enabled IDIs and focus groups combined with high quality recruiting services.

Glide Central® Video Curation Tools

Civicom Glide Central® is an online qualitative media management platform where researchers can view recordings, create tags, produce transcripts, make clips, and harvest key insights. Glide streamlines within one platform much of the manual, tedious video curation process, which accelerates analysis and improves the turn-around time of delivering impactful reports.

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Transcriptions and Translation

Our TranscriptionWing™ can provide written text from your project’s IDIs or Focus Groups, asynchronous online discussion, or mobile study, in either English or a local language. Multiple turn-around times and flexible pricing. We provide simultaneous translation for phone and web IDIs and focus groups plus translation of audio and web recordings. We can merge translated audio recordings with video for viewing in a second language.

CCam focus - HD 360° Focus Groups With Integrated Video Curation Tools

Civicom developed CCam focus®, a portable 360° HD streaming solution with video curation capabilities for live, in-person focus groups, which enables market researchers to stream in-person interviews and focus groups as well as from outside-facility locations such as a hotel, conference room or a home. With 360° perspective, crystal clear audio and integrated video curation tools, CCam focus ensures every response is captured and video deliverables are efficiently generated within minutes for closer review of key moments. The result is no bad seat in the house for omnidirectional viewing of all participants. Civicom also provides personalized service and support for set up, troubleshooting and additional assistance throughout every session.

Civicom is known among its clients for dedication to service quality and for the company’s motto “ Your Project Success Is Our Number One Priority.”


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