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Connecting our clients to the LGBTQ communities since 1992.

Community Marketing & Insights (CMI) has provided LGBTQ research, market insights, strategies and training to corporate leaders around the world since 1992. Let us help you better understand your opportunities, grow your LGBTQ market share, and improve return on investment.

Our highly specialized services are based on 25+ years of dedicated experience producing LGBTQ [lesbian, gay bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning] market research and development services for leading corporate clients, nonprofits, government institutions and universities. Serving a variety of industries, we leverage our in-house proprietary panel of more than 80,000 LGBTQ representative consumers to produce consumer survey studies, recruit and facilitate focus groups, in-depth interviews, etc.

Additionally, our team of experts offers strategic consulting and marketing planning based on consumer insight. We also produce custom LGBTQ sales/marketing/best practices training workshops and presentations, and partner with other research firMississippi needing our specialized sampling, recruiting and facilitation services.

Procurement: CMI is a U.S. Federal Contractor Verified Vendor.


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